Selasa, Oktober 28, 2008


Chatting..chatting...ayo chatting... ni aku punya aplikasi chat yg bagus.., bisa online segala macam lho.. lewat HP lho

Morange V Software Features

Mobile Social Networking

Add your Facebook account in Morange V and all your friend alerts and updates will be pushed to your Morange Home Screen on the phone without opening the web browser.

Mobile Photo Sharing

Take a photo from your mobile phone and instantly upload it to Morange V community, as thousands of people are waiting to see what you are up to. You can also access latest photos, comment and "dig" those you are interested in.

Mobile Sayings

Broadcast your opinions to the world from your phone with Morange V's "Sayings" service. Whenever you post a new "saying", it will be automatically pushed to all your networks. You can also use it to trace what your friends are doing.

Push Email

Push Email in Morange V Software supports not only any POP3/IMAP servers from your enterprise mail system, it even pushes from your free Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail accounts!

Instant Messaging

Login to all your IM accounts in Morange V and chat with your friends at the same time while on the move. Morange V supports MSN, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, and AIM.

Web Browser

Experience the real Web in Morange V with our Transcoding Service and Unlimited Tabbed Browsing technology. The unbound reading pleasure makes your phone the perfect mobile reading device.

Global Weather

Morange V gives you fast and easy access to the weather information of more than 50,000 cities around the world, including five-day weather forecast.

And More…

Morange V is an exciting global mobile community. Once you get the Morange V Software installed on your phone, you can experience all the pleasure inside this community. New featuress like Mobile Stock Alert, Sports News, etc, will be automatically updated to your mobile little by little. Get ready to be surprised!

Kalo kamu mau donlot via HP bisa tulis link ini di hp broser kamu

kalo mau donlot lewat komputer klik link ini, kamu donlot trus instal di komputer kamu

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Blogger Addicter mengatakan...

wah, buat HP ternyata..hehehe

sayang HP mase monoponik nehh..waduhhh...katroxx dah...

thx infonya, salam kenal yah :)

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